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Nancy's Recovery Story

Nancy admitted to MedBridge at ManorCare for comprehensive skilled nursing and intensive therapy following an amputation.

"Due to complications from lymphoma, both my surgeon and oncologist recommended amputation of my right leg from the knee down. When I first arrived at MedBridge at ManorCare Health Services - Belden Village I was so weak I couldn't roll over in bed, could barely sit in a chair and I definitely couldn't stand with a walker. I had no sense of balance and not much confidence; but I did have determination.
During the five weeks I was in rehab at ManorCare, the confidence that I lacked was regained due to the dedication, commitment and knowledge of the entire rehab team. Therapists, Lisa, Ashley, Kirsten, Kathy and April (and constant encouragement from hospitality aide, Brittany) helped me every step of the way.
I learned to get myself out of bed, washed and ready for the day. Also to walk with my walker ther perimeter of the upstairs and to use my wheelchair unassisted to go down to the first floor.
My greatest accomplishment, however, was walking (hopping) up the steps. Lisa and I tried everyday for a week. After seriously stubbing my big toe, using Lisa's (little but mighty) hip for my second railing, we did it!
These therapists gave me the confidence to realize that I can do so much more with practice, determination and patience. And, that's huge for me! Thank you ManorCare rehab team for all that you do!
The small milestones I accomplished may seem trivial to some, but they were huge thanks to the professionals at ManorCare who helped me realize I could do all this with just one leg!" - Nancy

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